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Cactus Flower and Jade 12 oz Candle

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12 oz candle - Total burn time approximately 60+ hours

Our 12 oz soy blend candle is ideal for larger rooms such as great room, bedroom, kitchen, or office.

Top: Aloe, Agave
Middle: Green Leaves, Green Floral, Chrysanthemum
Base: Patchouli

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- For your initial burn, please allow your candle to produce a full “melt pool”
(when the wax reaches the edge of the container).
- Always trim your wick to ¼” prior to lighting. Keep your wax pool free
from wick trimmings and debris.
- Never burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours with each lighting.
- Never burn your candle on or near anything which can catch fire.
- Never burn your candle all the way down to the bottom of your container.
Always leave at least ½” candle wax at the bottom of the container.
- Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from drafts or anything
flammable. Never leave children or pets unattended near a lit candle or
hot candle wax.
- Use precaution if you need to handle your candle when lit. Candle
containers can become hot while in use. Never attempt to move the
candle while lit.